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Milford 495 Rental Center 189 Medway Rd. Milford, MA  01757
The Basics on the Hoisting Machinery Regulations ( effective November 2013 )


The Law:
You must be Licensed to Operate Hoisting Machinery that is capable of:

  • Raising 10+ feet or
  • Lifting 500+ lbs or
  • Holding 1/4+ yard of material.
This law is in effect at every rental center in the state of Massachusetts.
If you do not have a Hoisting License, you will
need to get a Temporary Operator's Permit from
the store you will be renting the equipment from.

Frequently asked questions about the Temporary Operator's Permit

What is Hoisting Machinery?
The  Mini-Excavators,  Skid Steers, & Compact Backhoes we rent at Milford 495 Rental Center
are considered to be Compact Hoisting Machinery and fall into the Class 2D license ( for professionals )
and the Temporary Operator's Permit ( for homeowners & non-professionals ).

Do I need a license to operate Hoisting Machinery on my own property?
Yes you do. Homeowners & non-professionals will be required to get a Temporary Operator's Permit.

What is a Temporary Operator's Permit?
A Temporary Operator's Permit is a non-renewable permit for homeowners and non-professionals.
It is issued by a state approved rental facility and valid only at that rental facility.
Milford 495 Rental Center is a state approved facility.

What requirements must be met to be issued a Temporary Operator's Permit?
All persons applying for a Temporary Operator's Permit must:

  • be 18 years of age & have a valid driver's license
  • complete the on-line education module ( $20.00 per module: Mini-Excavator, Skidsteer or Backhoe )
  • complete the practical "hands on" Proper & Safe Operation Training at Milford 495 Rental
A Temporary Operator's Permit will be issued to only those applicants who satisfactorily complete and pass these requirements.

How long is a Temporary Operator's Permit valid for?
14 consecutive days, after that time, the permit is no longer valid. Any person receiving
a Temporary Operator's Permit may not be issued more than 1 such permit in any 45 day period.

Can I operate any type of Compact Hoisting Machinery under a Temporary Operator's Permit?
No. Compact Hoisting Machinery operated under a Temporary Operator's Permit shall not exceed
a gross vehicle weight of 8,000 pounds. All of our Compact Hoisting Machinery is under 8,000 lbs.